Pokemon Go: Man officially catches ‘em all, filling Pokedox with 142 creatures


Pokemon Go: Man officially catches ‘em all, filling Pokedox with 142 creatures
Pokemon Go: Man officially catches ‘em all, filling Pokedox with 142 creatures

One man has finally become the first Pokemon Go Master, catching all of the available Pokemon.Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson is the first man confirmed to have filled up his Pokedex, catching all of the 142 Pokemon that remain in the United States.

Catching all of the Pokemon doesn’t mean completing the game, since there are other challenges like gyms and training to undertake. And Mr Johnson hasn’t yet achieved that – there are still special Pokemon that either haven’t been released yet or are specific to certain regions that he hasn’t caught.

But he does appear to have become the first to have officially and publicly caught ‘em all. There are still thought to be eight Pokemon missing from his collection. That includes Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew – the mysterious Pokemon that appear to be missing from the game – and Asia’s Farfetch’d, Australia’s Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime, who can only be caught in Europe.Joking that he would book his flights to those places, Mr Johnson said that he didn’t really plan to go after the region locked Pokemon and considers them as being a separate part of the game.

Mr Johnson’s time spent playing the game has led him to call for some improvements, as well as to suggest some tricks.He has said that the game should be more accommodating to those people who live outside of dense, urban areas where catching Pokemon is easy, for instance.“When I went to a rural area for [the] weekend Pokémon were incredibly hard to find until I got to a hotspot in one town,” he wrote on Reddit.

“It’s a shame the game doesn’t work there as it would be so much fun to actually be able to explore outside the city with this game.”

He has also given a range of suggestions, learned from his time hunting Pokemon. It’s a good idea to get some nice running shoes and travel around at a light jog, he said, as well as walking in a straight line while hatching eggs.

Leveling up should be done by catching relatively common Pokemon and evolving them, he also suggested.And he has also said that it is key to work with other people and discuss the best tips, he said.“There aren’t many social features built in, but it’s a very social game,” he told. “If you don’t know where to find a specific Pokémon, ask your fellow trainers! They’re usually happy to help out.”

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