The Definitive Guide to Data Security


The Definitive Guide to Data Security
The Definitive Guide to Data Security

Take a close look at how most companies approach information security, and you’ll notice a recurring theme. We’ve become experts at building castles, with towers, drawbridges, moats, sentries, and ever-more-complex locks. We secure our organizations like fortresses, building layers of walls around our networks, our applications, our storage containers, our identity, and our devices. This makes us feel safe.

But then one important email attachment accidentally leaves the citadel, forcing us to report a breach. An unhappy employee moves high-value designs onto a USB drive and takes it to a competitor. And just like that, the walls crumble. They fail us the moment we need them the most.

How does this happen? Haven’t we invested in data security?No, not the way we should have. We’ve built higher, stronger walls, but neglected securing the information itself.

Most of our customers were operating with four major blind spots – where sensitive data slips through the cracks of their walls.

• The Behavior Gap
• The Visibility Gap
• The Control Gap
• Response Time Gap

Here’s the punchline: taller, stronger, higher walls aren’t the answer. Firewalls, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools, and secure file vaults are all part of this castle mentality. They’re all about keeping data “in” the citadel, and rarely work at the critical moment: when people have your sensitive data in their hands, when people download the spreadsheet and move it offline.

If our crown jewels are what we aim to protect, why not secure those directly? It’s time to put aside our siege mentality and start securing what really matters: the data itself. By adding an invisible and flexible layer of security to each of our crown jewels, we can close the security gaps. We can see where data travels through its entire life cycle, we can share information easily and fearlessly, and instantly pull it back if something goes wrong.

Ready to start closing the gaps? Download Vera’s Definitive Guide to Data Security now and start assessing how to protect your crown jewels today.


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