Companies Can Recruit Virtual Person for around $14k per Year in China

Virtual person recruitment in China costs around $14k annually for companies.

Businesses in China are willing to pay big bucks to virtual employees.

Tech Company Baidu told that the virtual people projects it has worked on for its clients has been doubled since previous year, with a huge price range of $2,800 to a $14,300 per year.

Virtual employees are a combination of animation, machine learning, and sound tech that create digitized persons who can sing or interact on a live stream. While these digitized persons have popped up on the fringes of the USA internet, they’ve been appearing more often in China’s cyberspace.

Baidu’s virtual people and robotics business head Li Shiyan said that some buyers of virtual people are local tourism boards, financial services companies, and state media.

Li anticipates that the virtual people industry will continue growing by 50% yearly through 2025. 45% of advertisers expressed that they might invite virtual people to join a brand’s event, as per the Kantar report.

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