SAP Chief Says, the world is moving towards the next stage of globalization

SAP Chief emphasizes the world's progression towards the next level of globalization.

The CEO of SAP said that the world is entering into the next stage of globalization and he is largely positive regarding the outlook for technology even though there are challenges like supply chain disruptions and higher interest rates.

SAP CEO Christian Klein expressed at the World Economic Forum, “We are entering from my perspective the next phase of globalization. In this era of change, companies will want to shift their focus toward building up resilient supply chains and improving their sustainability credentials.”

Klein added that companies are coming together to resolve supply chains and corporate social responsibility issues with the better use of data.

Supply chain disruptions due to Covid-19 induced lockdowns disrupted economic output, and the Ukraine-Russia war added to these disruptions. This has caused higher inflation in the economies in most parts of the world.

Sanctions on Russia caused many firms to rethink about their operation base including SAP. But Klein expressed positivity about the future by saying, “We are in the tech sector, we at SAP, we are very confident about the year ahead.

Klein added, “Technology is the solution to make supply chains more resilient, as companies in the world need a better handle on the data underpinning their businesses to make more effective decisions.”

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